A french trip

Here we go, I am in freezing France these days.
My new exhibition, started last week at L’Ours Marin in Bordeaux, is living its own life now.
That was worth coming. I have been back in touch with old friends, made new ones, lived incredible moments.
I have the funny feeling that I am spending my time drinking and eating, and I like it, my waist not, unfortunately.
I will be back to NZ in a few days, the head full of memories, new ideas, and I can’t wait to be beack to my studios.
This trip filled up my batteries and I feel ready for starting new projects. But overall, there is something I have realized while Andy and Chris were filming. My friend and familylove me more than what I thought, the bounds between us are even tighter now. My art will be a way to show them how much I love them, and I am ready for it.
I can’t wait for the next time.