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A french trip

Here we go, I am in freezing France these days.
My new exhibition, started last week at L’Ours Marin in Bordeaux, is living its own life now.
That was worth coming. I have been back in touch with old friends, made new ones, lived incredible moments.
I have the funny feeling that I am spending my time drinking and eating, and I like it, my waist not, unfortunately.
I will be back to NZ in a few days, the head full of memories, new ideas, and I can’t wait to be beack to my studios.
This trip filled up my batteries and I feel ready for starting new projects. But overall, there is something I have realized while Andy and Chris were filming. My friend and familylove me more than what I thought, the bounds between us are even tighter now. My art will be a way to show them how much I love them, and I am ready for it.
I can’t wait for the next time.

El abominable hombre del cuarto oscuro

I have just received this morning a copy of the book from my spanish friend Daniel Mainé.
I can’t tell you how happy and touchedI am. I know Daniel for many years now, and we’ve been talking online for a long time. He his a passionate an talented artist and very handsome as well! He didn’t live very funny things tha past years and he gets now the reward for his work: being published ! I am so proud to have him as a friend and so happy for him to see that the wheel turns, at last…
I wish you all the best Daniel, and a long and successful career as a comics artist. Thanks you so much!

Merry Christmas

Here we go The website is officially launched and I am filling it regularly now. On the 24th of December, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy christmas ! Enjoy it to the most!

Et voilà, le site est officiellement lancé et je l’alimente régulièrement maintenant. En ce 24 décembre je voulais juste vous souhaiter un très joyeux Noël! profitez-en un maximum!

Lancement du nouveau site

Après des mois d’une indécision interminable, le nouveau site est enfin en ligne, dans une formule simplifiée facilitant les mises a jour et faisant la part belle aux images et a l’interactivité. N’hésitez pas a me faire part de vos remarques afin de le faire evoluer.